work experienceWill Horsham District Sports Development provide the right kind of work experience for me?

Horsham District Sports Development (HDSD) is a sport/physical activity development team that operates in two main ways - (1) an activity provision service (eg community coaches and leaders), and (2) supporting other providers in the area to provide more and better opportunities for people in the local community. We work with various partners such as schools and clubs and our work supports various clients and types of people (eg disabled people, children, schools, clubs, residential homes).

If you enjoy sport/physical activity, like working as part of a team, like variety in your work, are flexible and adaptable to demands both in the office and out-of-the-office environments and don't mind working hard when the situation demands work experience with HDSD will probably be for you.

What formats of work experience placements do you provide?

We are flexible and offer a wide variety of work experience placement types including school/college work experience weeks, university undergraduate placements, extended placements for graduates and more bespoke arrangements with particular organisations (eg one day a week over a certain period). Typically we take on about 12 work experience people per year.

How do I apply for a work experience placement?

If you are an applicant who is still at school or sixth form college you need to make an application by the online form on the Horsham District Council web page. If you are a non-school based applicant (eg university graduate) please contact direct.

Do I have to live in the Horsham District to apply?

If you are a school/college based applicant you should either live in the Horsham District or go to a school/college based in it. For other types of work experience applicant who come from outside the district we make a judgment on the merits of the particular application.

Is there any kind of selection process?

No. However we only have the capacity to take on one school/college work experience person at a time (exceptionally two) so we apply a first-come-first-served policy when there is high demand at a particular time.

What are the hours of work?

We work quite flexible hours which tend to be dictated by the projects and activities going on at the particular time. However, within reason, we are prepared to be flexible to the time needs of individual placement staff (eg because of transport constraints, other commitments). Typically we will agree an indicative work programme for the placement at the start of a given week.

What should I wear?

You should wear sports type clothing that allows you to be comfortable whilst active out in the field but also does not look scruffy or out of place in the office. Typically a tracksuit type arrangement with training shoes is good.

Will I need a DBS check?

We will only require a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check for work experience students aged 16 or above and where it is possible that the work experience person has sufficient experience and qualifications to be able to lead activities unsupervised involving children or vulnerable adults. If a DBS is required it has to be ordered up specifically by Horsham District Council. There is no cost to pay for a DBS ordered for a person on work experience.

I've agreed my placement but I'm not sure what time I'm starting on my first day.

You should ring HDSD 5-10 days in advance of the day you are due to start to find out the time you will be required start and who you should contact on arrival.

What do I do for lunch?

You can bring a packed lunch or buy it from the nearby cafe, office sandwich service or go into town (5 mins walk). There is no set lunch time and breaks are normally taken to fit in around the work programme of any particular day.

Where is Horsham District Sports Development based?

Our address is Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham RH12 1RL.

HDC Offices Location Map

Bus and train information

What kind of tasks will I be doing?

Typical tasks, which vary according to the given needs of any time period, include:
  • Producing website articles
  • Writing press reports
  • Event officiating/organising support
  • Promotional mail outs
  • Assisting sports coaches/leaders
  • Moving equipment
  • Research work
  • Drafting a simple funding bid
  • Preparing a simple presentation
  • Attending meetings and seminars

We take into account the skills/experience of an individual in determining an individual's work programme.

All work experience placements receive an induction covering aspects such as health and safety, introductions to team staff, computer and buildings etc. All necessary training will be provided.

I still have further queries - who do I speak to?

Ian Ford or Paul Taylor