careers in sportThere are many avenues for developing a career in sport and related areas (eg fitness and other leisure sectors) but it should be recognised by any aspiring individual that jobs in sport are attractive and thus in a competitive arena there is a need to be well organised, prepared and determined

Sources of Advice

Job Sites

Tips for Getting Ahead

  • Build up your CV with coaching/officiating/administrative awards and training and, even more importantly, experience (and confidence) in putting theory into practice
  • Whether gaining working experience, volunteering or actually undertaking paid work be prepared to network with partner organisations and other people you come across in your work
  • Sport tends to be a highly personalized area of work - create a good impression and word may carry to put you in good stead, create a bad one and almost certainly someone else will get to know about it. Fostering a good reputation is important, so drop your guard at your peril!

How HDSD Can Help

  • We have an excellent track record of providing people with a platform for developing a career in sport
  • We welcome work experience and volunteer applicants to gain experience, either generalized or task-specific dependent on needs, working in a sports development team
  • With specific coaching qualifications and experience we are sometimes able to engage paid casual coach roles in order to expand our coaching services
  • Occasionally, but rarely, we create and offer part-time or full-time roles to service particular project needs
  • If you would like to find out more contact Ian Ford