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Sport England Mini-Profile for Horsham District (Feb 2016)

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Active People 9 (late 2015) - general data / analysis of high participation sports


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West Sussex Public Health Outcomes Infographic (June 2016)

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January 2017 - Disappointing Active People 10 Results from Horsham in Sussex Analysis

The headline figure for adult sports participation in the Horsham District dropped from 38.3 to 34.1% in the latest issue of Sport England's Active People survey. Read about the overall Sussex picture of participation produced by Active Sussex.

June 2016 - Six Youth Sport Personalities

Explore the six youth personalities in Sport England's new films

What motivates young people to take part in sport and why are some turned off by it?

They’ve produced six new films delving into those questions.

The films add to it comprehensive Under the Skin research released earlier this year, which established six key personas.

These are:
- Sport enthusiasts
- Confident intellectuals
- Ambitious self-starters
- Cautious introverts
- Thoughtful improvers
- Everyday youth

Each film explores one of these personalities, highlighting key traits based on extensive research talking to scores of young people.

Unique personalities

The youngsters who were interviewed explained why they do or don't do sport, and how they use their free time.

Often their motivation for taking part in sport is shaped by their unique experiences and personalities, so understanding this is important.

A supporting insight pack examining the findings of the research, which was carried out with agency YouthSight, will help you influence how we get young people active.

Watch the films

July 2016 - Weight Management Economic Assessment Tool


Public Health England has released a new tool to help public health professionals make an economic assessment of existing or planned weight management interventions. Commissioners can use it to compare the costs of an intervention with potential cost savings.

This updated tool now estimates the saving in local authority funded community based social care costs and the economic benefit of additional employment that may accrue as a result of weight management interventions. In addition, it values the wider health benefits of weight management interventions using Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALYs).

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